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Check out the new video teaser and read the publication announcement for the book!

Talent Agent Gail Sherman Jones Announces her Book Release on Kindle Books and the Amazon Store - (memoir/biography/true crime)

I'm so proud to announce the publishing of my book RENDEZVOUS WITH THE FAT MAN which is based on the incredible true story about my sister, Jan Sherman and her secret double life as a cocaine smuggler from 1972 to 1980.

I learned that enlightening fact after her tragic death in January 2013 when I discovered a manuscript she wrote about her illicit activities. During the 1970's she had made eleven trips to South America and scored seven kilos of coke, netting over a half million dollars (equivalent to about $2 million dollars today).

The book not only chronicles my sister's perilous exploits, but also intertwines her drug smuggling trips around our family's dysfunctional relationship and reveals the details of her untimely death after retiring from the drug trade.

I would love to share my sister's compelling true story with you, not to be lost with her demise. At the end of the book, there's a bonus portfolio of 68 photos in black and white and color. You'll be able to see the 'real cast of characters', as well as an amazing travelogue of Jan's photojournalism while experiencing her adventures in South America, Africa and China.

I have included a link to the Amazon Store to purchase the paperback or you can also purchase the book on Kindle.

The paperback edition of RENDEZVOUS WITH THE FAT MAN is available at the Amazon Bookstore and can be purchased here:

The on-line Kindle edition can be purchased here:

If you buy the book, I would love your feedback, if possible, by adding a review. ENJOY!!!

Gail Sherman Jones - Author/Talent Agent (831) 443-5542

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